Confident Canines

The Confident Canines Classroom is now enrolling for the 2024 Self Study Edition.  

The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches are pleased to be offering one of our most popular classes as a self study class in 2024. 

The Confident Canines Class is filled with 6 topics, each with 3-5 lessons to work your way through the class. We have a 1 hr pre-recorded educational video in each topic along with written content and short videos divided into lessons within each topic.

The Confident Canines Class is perfect for pet owners and owners training service dogs. Coaches walk you through the whole dog approach to confidence building helping owners learn how to determine and meet their dog's needs while developing a teamwork based approach that builds up your dog's resiliency in multiple environments.

This series has been created with force free training methods using games and teamwork to build up confidence & resiliency. Teachers will be Penny Beeman from Yooper Paws of Love, Cindy Campbell from Clovis Paws for Play, and Gretta Eaton from Cassie's Teachable Moments with Admin Assistance from Ashlynn Holt.

Topics Include:
Understanding the 5 Core Confidences
Establishing Routines
Developing Good Behaviors
Management Techniques

The 5 Canine Confidences

  • Distractions Confidence - the belief that changes in circumstances are acceptable and manageable.

  • Predictability Confidence -  the belief that things happen for a reason and their behavior can predict or dictate outcomes. 

  • Relationship/Team Confidence - the belief that together (dog/handler) they can handle the challenges in front of them.

  • Self Confidence - the belief that they can handle the challenges in front of them.

  • Safety Confidence - the belief or feeling that they will be safe, calm, and comfortable in regular day-to-day activities.

We will explore and develop these core canine confidences by playing games and doing exercises to help your dog become more confident.  All activities are designed to guide your dog through some basic foundational skills that you would normally go through in a basic adult obedience class.  However this class is designed to go at your dog's speed taking into account their personality and skill level at the time.  That makes this class a possibility for dogs of all ages and skills.

The Confident Canines Classroom is designed to help the shy or sensitive family pet become more confident living with their family.  It's also great from Service Dogs in Training and Therapy Dogs who are learning to be confident in multiple environments.  If your dog struggles with a lack of self control or easily distracted, you will find this class enjoyable for you both.

Every dog CAN be resilient if you let Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches help you!

If you are unsure if this class will be suitable for you and your dog, please contact us at to discuss your options!

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