Coaches Collaborative

Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches is a collaborative effort that brings together various resources created and shared by our network of Trainers, Team Coaches, & Behavior Consultants. Other Canine Coaches that share the force-free, aversive-free training lifestyle are encouraged to join the Crazy2Calm Collaborative.

Our Mission

At Crazy2Calm, our focus is to bring training resources from multiple dog professionals into one place for easy navigation of resources for our clients without duplicating materials. Clients can then access the services provided in this collaborative directly through the trainer they've already developed a relationship with. For dog training professionals, this means you longer have re-create the wheel or question whether another trainer minds sharing their hard work. Everything placed in this site is open for Canine Coaches to use with their clients.

The Crazy2Calm Difference

At Crazy2Calm, we are searching for additional Canine Coaches that share our training ethics and are focused more about helping their clients with quality resources more so than making the buck whether it helps the client or not.

Some collaboratives offer a monthly or annual membership or affiliate registration fee. We do not! Some collaboratives require you to take their list of classes first, often costing thousands of dollars to get started. We do not! And some collaboratives require that you only use their resources to be released at a certain time of year or other special circumstances. We do not!

This is what Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches requests of all our Coaches.

  • A 1 time Coach Application processing fee of $20.
  • One or more shared resources that you have created that can be shared to Collaborative resources. This can include infographics, memes, e-books, virtual classrooms. (You must provide the Canine Coach processing your application free access to this resource!)
  • A signed copy of our Kindness Code and Code of Ethics to demonstrate an understanding of the guiding principles of this collaborative.

This is what Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches offers to all our Coaches.

  • Access to Virtual Classes in the Collaborative in a Preview Status to review any classes you may want to share with your clients before you share them.
  • Access to Free Virtual Resources such as infographics, memes, & e-books that you can share as often as you want without needing to request permission for the original creator.  (These can not be altered unless it posted as a template with intent for personalization.)
  • Network with other Canine Coaches via a Private Facebook group where you can ask questions about something your struggling with, discuss challenges experienced by canine professionals, share scientific based research related to training, and pretty much anything within the scope of the Kindness Code.
  • Receive "cash back" for any class your clients take from other Canine Coaches.  This will vary from class to class and Coach to Coach based on the amount of hands on support the class will require.  
    • Example:  Yooper Paws of Love has a Positively Puppy Paws Classroom for puppies under 6 months old that allows lifetime access to those who register.  The Classroom Costs $125 for students.  As a Canine Coach, you would receive free access to the class so you know what your client is learning and 50% of the total paid.  This class is a work at your own pace class so the student enrolled can get support from their Canine Coach without a huge time commitment from Yooper Paws.  Once a year this classroom goes on sale for half off, so you would only get 50% off what is actually paid for the class.  (We want each Coach to be able to set up their own requirements for sharing these resources and the percentage referring Coaches will get back.  These terms can be announced in the FB Group for Coaches when the class is promoted there.)
As Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches grows, so will our resources!  

If you'd like to apply to become a Crazy2Calm Canine Coach, please fill out this application or email us at

Thank You for your continued support of Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative.