Getting Started with Public Access Training

Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches, Penny Beeman, Cindy Schwab Campbell, & Elliot Brooks bring this video to all those new owner trainers trying to train their own Service Dog.

Public Access Training (PAT) is one of the hardest things to do because we tend to think of training in a short amount of time, perhaps what we will accomplish in the next 1-3 months.  However PAT is one of those things that we work on for closer to 2 years and still touch up for the whole working life of our Service Dogs.  Unfortunately there are very few resources out there for new owner trainers to help you get started along this journey.  Therefore we wanted to create a video to cover some the key aspects of starting inside the house, in outdoor environments, in pet friendly businesses, and last but not least non-pet locations.

The video is long so there are 2 parts and places to stop in the middle for a break!

Part 1: Topics
Choosing new environments wisely.
Teaching your dog to process the environment slowly and feel safe.

Part 2: Topics
Leading up to restaurants.
Monitoring stress levels and conducting a readiness check.
Creating your Road Map to Success

We hope this makes it easier for you to understand and make your way through the videos learning how you can become successful in Public Access Work with your Service Dog in Training.

These videos do not address the legal laws for owner training or working a Service Dog!  For that information please visit the Yooper Paws SD Tips website for some tips, tricks and definitions that are commonly used.  We are not lawyers and therefore do not give legal advice in this video about whether you can legally take your dog into places.

If you like these videos, we do offer a Service Dog Foundations class that goes over how, when, where, and why we should train our young dogs to do core foundations that all Service Dogs need to be able to work in Public environments.  You can learn more about the SD Foundations class here.