Sight/Action Based Medical Alert Workgroup

Medical Alert Workgroup - Sight Based Alerts

Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches host a Medical Alert Workgroup to teach you how to train your Service Dog to do Medical Alerts for a wide variety of medical disabilities that present with behavior based indicators of a need for action.  This is wide range of medical conditions from seizures to psych issues and so much in between.  We will be focusing on training a specific alert behavior the dog can do to let their human know a medical issue is about to happen based on the dog seeing (or hearing) a certain triggering behavior.

The next workgroup series will begin on September 18, 2023

This workgroup runs a few times a year with pre-recorded zooms and classroom materials being released every 2 weeks. We provide additional support via the C2C Study Group on Facebook and a Community Chat with the Canine Coaches. The cost of the workgroup is $125 for 6 topics released over 12 weeks and access to all materials for 1 year.

Yes! There will be homework! After each topic is released you will have 1 or 2 actions to do with your dog in the training process. These should take you less then 5 minutes a day, but are best if you can do them daily. This is why we release a new topic every 2 weeks to allow you time to work on each topic.

The cost of this class is $125, which is an awesome deal considering all the information and support we offer to all the workgroup participants! If you'd like to register, please fill out the form below. You will receive an email with payment options once your registration has been processed and you have been approved as a participant.

For this to be successful, we must keep the Workgroup small and therefore we ask that you only participate if you have already have a Service Dog or Service Dog in Training that is at least 1 yr old or older and that you have been training together as a team for at least 6 months.

Thank you for registering!  

You will receive an email within 48 hrs.  If you do not, please reach out at