SD Handler Chats 2023

The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches are growing and expanding many projects in 2023. And with that the SD Handler Chats are taking on a new format!

With the new format, all Zoom's, both the evening and the afternoon zoom will be accessible here:

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Meeting ID: 862 7420 3169

Passcode: 221592

First Tuesday of the Month at 8:00 PM Central Time

This is a Social Chat that is more collaborative in nature. We will highlight 1 topic that is announced in the Working Paws FB Group about a week before the Chat. Then a Canine Coach will lead the discussion by working through a series of questions that all on the call can answer if they choose to. Participants can choose to stay muted or participate in the conversation. Some of these will be recorded and some may not as they are more for fun and collaboration instead of education.

Third Tuesday of the Month at 1:00 PM Central

This is the educational Chat where either a Canine Coach or Special Guest will give a presentation on the topic selected for that month then have a Q&A session at the end if time permits. We may occasionally need to adjust the date and time for this to accommodate the Special Guests. When we make a change, it will be posted to this page and in the Working Paws Group. We also create Facebook Events for these chats to make it easier for you to share with the SD Handlers you have in your friends list.

September Special Guest is Donna Hill, from Service Dog Training Institute.
We will be chatting about Ethics in the Service Dog Community.

This will be an open exploration or reflective chat around problems SD Handlers commonly have and how we react to those problems, how we can consider the dog's needs in that moment, and how can we change the environment or situation to make it better for our dogs. Ethics in the SD Community is a huge topic that often gets thought of as a right or wrong way to do things. Instead of focusing on the "do it my way" approach, we hope to have a discussion that helps SD Handlers determine what will be best for their team in any given situation and based on what is in the environment.

Date: September 19th
Time: 1:00 PM (Central)
Meeting ID: 862 7420 3169
Passcode: 221592

October Special Guest is Dr. Holly Tett, from Paws Up Dogs.
We will be chatting about SD Handler Mental Health.

November Special Guest is Grisha Stewart, from the Grisha Stewart Academy and author of BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training).
We will be chatting about Noticing Needs: Physical, Mental, & Emotional.

A recording of the chats can be found on YouTube!

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You can also find a list of all the previous chats in this playlist.

Here is the list of SD Handler Chats in 2023

May Special: Pine Irwin was kind enough to join us twice for: 
The Myths in +R/Force Free Training Part 1 & Part 2 
The Myths in SD Training with Pine Irwin Part 1 & Part 2