SD Handler Chats 2023

The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches are thankful for all the Guests that have joined the SD Handler Chat in 2023!

There will not be a December Chat this year!
We may plan a social Virtual Christmas Party so watch for details coming soon!

Third Tuesday of the Month at 1:00 PM Central

This is the educational Chat where either a Canine Coach or Special Guest will give a presentation on the topic selected for that month then have a Q&A session at the end if time permits. We may occasionally need to adjust the date and time for this to accommodate the Special Guests. When we make a change, it will be posted to this page and in the Working Paws Group. We also create Facebook Events for these chats to make it easier for you to share with the SD Handlers you have in your friends list.

A recording of the chats from 2023 can be found on YouTube!

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You can also find a list of all the previous chats in this playlist.

Here is the list of SD Handler Chats in 2023

May Special: Pine Irwin was kind enough to join us twice for: 
    The Myths in +R/Force Free Training Part 1 & Part 2 
    The Myths in SD Training with Pine Irwin Part 1 & Part 2

There is no December SD Handler Chat! 

We are currently planning the chats for 2024! If you have a topic or idea for a Special Guest, please email us at