The Crazy2Calm Collaborative is dedicated to helping people become the best team they can be by TEACHing owners to ENGAGE better with their dogs, to empowering them to ACHIEVE their goals using MOTIVATION, and to create the perfect team of handler and dog.

With this mission in mind, we want to offer a variety of FREE resources for anyone who needs a bit of help.  Some of these resources will be posted here, will others will be posted on the websites of various Canine Coaches.  This page will serve as a catalog of those resources making it easy for you to find when you need it.

Basic Skills

Advancing Your Heel to the Next Level

The Mini-Workshop: Focus Around Distractions

FAD Day 1 - "What is Focus?"

Training Through Shaping

Environmental Processing 

From Yooper Paws of Love
Environmental Processing with looking around, sniffing, and listening to things in the environment.
Taking a Sniff-a-bout with info on using a longline.
Taking a Walk with a Service Dog with a demonstration of tasks while hiking.
Walking With an Adolescent working around distractions safely.
For more info about Environmental Processing, check out the Yooper Paws June Theme of the Month: The Nose Knows!

This link has posts about understanding emotions that drive behaviors, understanding enrichment, and understanding reinforcement.