Yooper Paws Fall Specials

Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Fall Specials 

Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Penny Beeman would like share a few special opportunities this fall that are available for all our long distance peeps.

Yooper Paws Reinforcement Hour

Wednesdays at 11AM
Sept 28th- Nov 2nd

This will be similar to a Coffee Hour, but you are free to choose your own reinforcement treat!  We will use this session as open format to discuss whatever is on your mind...training topics, trails & tribulations, and/or trophy's.  Seriously this is an anything goes hour that will not be recorded or made available for replays.  I won't be held responsible for anything that is said during this activity!

Yooper Paws Planning & Support Package
1-on-1 Sessions 
Package Cost $100

This package is designed to help you create a 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year plan for your dog and get started with implementing that plan.  During the first session we will review your goals for the next year and create a general plan detailing what it will take to get there.  From there we will break it down further into where do you start and create the behavior shaping plan you will use to accomplish your 1 month and 3 month goals.  This package is available to all my clients including local clients, family pets, Therapy Dog Teams and Service Dog Teams

The Planning & Support package will include one 1 hour session & two or three 30 min sessions.  The first session is to focus on creating the plan and the following sessions will be to review how your training is going.  You will also receive unlimited text/chat support throughout the month to touch base with progress reports, ask questions about the shaping plan, and troubleshoot struggles.

Contact Yooper Paws of Love for more information about either of these Fall Specials at yooperpaws@gmail.com