Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches 2023

Happy New Year Canine Coaches! I wanted to touch base and do a few simple updates about what the Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative has planned for 2023!

The Canine Coaches Facebook Group is now open to anyone who wants to discuss Aversive Free Dog Training! This group is designed for both the Canine Professional and the Owner Trainer that simply loves to learn as much as possible about dog training. 

SD Handler Chats

2nd Tuesday of the Month 7pm, open chat.
4th Tuesday of the Month 1pm guest presentation.

This chat will be great for those who are thinking about owner training their own Service Dog and those who are just starting out on that journey with their first Service Dog puppy. Michael Chalupa will be sharing a presentation covering ADA laws and other common things you should think about early in your journey.
We will learn about Micheal's Journey training 5 of his own Service Dogs and helping many others to do the same. His wife Kim has also trained her own Service Dogs as well as helped Michael and she will be sharing what is like to be a family member living with a Service Dog.
For the teams that have already started your SD Journey, we will be discussing how to advocate for your needs and your dog in public environments. We will also be going over some common curtesy for what to do when you come across a Service Dog team in the community.

The Confident Canine Coaches Class Begins January 17th!

The Confident Canine Coaches Class is designed to teach Canine Coaches how to support dogs with confident building activities. Register here!

We will explore and develop these core canine confidences by playing games and doing exercises to help your dog become more confident. All activities are designed to guide each individual dog through some basic foundational skills that you would normally go through in a basic adult obedience class. However this class is designed to teach Coaches how to look at each dog's individual needs to set up training sessions that support that dog, both physically and emotionally.

Current list of Work-At-Your-Own Pace Classes

Additional Projects Canine Coaches are working...

The Wheelchair Owner Trainers Workgroup coordinated by Canine Coach Ashlynn Holt to create a series of blog posts to help other chair uses modify training games and techniques, learn various approaches to leash management and reinforcement options.

The Behaviors Workshop Group coordinated by Canine Coach Penny Beeman to create a series of training workshops to tackle common problem behaviors by moving past operant behavior to look at the emotions involved and meeting the dog's needs before behavior modification training.

Public Access class which would follow up the SD Foundations Class is expected to be released this spring!

FAD Workshop #2 will be in March and expand on last year's workshop for even more great training info to help you get your dog to focus more on you than the distractions in the environment.

Reach out the if you would like more information!