FAD2 Bonus: Confident Canines

 Kindness is Essential Not Optional with the Confident Canines Class!

Crazy2Calm Canine Coach, Penny Beeman from Yooper Paws of Love, recently presented on the 5 Core Canine Confidences at the KIENO Conference. (Kindness is Essential, Not Optional Conference) We are now able to bring this chat between Dr. Holly Tett, Paws Up Dogs, and Penny that gives a rough overview of the Confident Canines Class & the Confident Canines Coaches Class! Check out the video!

Be sure to check out the Letter's From Your Dog Podcasts offered by Paws Up Dogs for more great information about using human and dog psychology to develop a better understanding of your relationship together and packed full of actionable techniques to overcome training challenges!

Holly also has a podcast for Canine Coaches and other Dog Professionals called, "Training Dogs, Training People And Keeping Our Sh*T Together!" In this podcast, Clinical Psychologist and Dog Behaviourist, Dr Holly Tett provides a safe space to discuss the highs, the lows and most importantly the emotional side of working as a dog pro.

The Confident Canines & Confident Canines Coaches Class was designed by Penny for Yooper Paws of Love local clients, but she happily shares it here through the Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative so that we can reach even more more people through the virtual classroom. The basic Confident Canines Class is designed for dog owners who simply want to help their dog become more confident. The Coaches Class is designed for dog professionals and owners who love the more advanced dog training geeky stuff and want to be able to expand the info to help more dogs. 

We hope you enjoyed this Bonus Edition of the FAD2 Workshop! Here are the links to all the days, in case you missed one.

FAD2 - Day 4 Understanding Reinforcement