FAD3 Workshop

It's back! The FAD (Focus Around Distractions) Workshop is back for the 3rd year in a row!

The FAD3 Workshop will take place March 20th - 23rd!
A new blog will be posted on this website every day at 8am. The link will also be shared in the FAD Discussion Group on FB, be sure to join the group before the workshop begins. 

The FAD3 Workshop is completely FREE, but please register below so we know how many people are participating!

FAD3 will be focusing on the topic of arousal states experienced by our dogs. We will be discussing how we can teach our dogs to somewhat regulate their arousal, retain their thinking brain in moments of higher arousal, and how we can use various states of arousal to improve training. 

It's going to be a great workshop, but it's also going to rely heavily on info we discussed in years 1 & 2! If you happen to have missed those years or want a refresher, check out the links below.

Year 1 took place on the Yooper Paws Website. You can find those links here:

Year 2 is available on the Crazy2Calm website at these links:
Bonus: Penny's chat with Dr Holly Tett discussing our Confident Canines Class during the 2023 KIENO Conference.

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